Coming Full Circle

As a young teenager in the 1980’s I spent a lot of time with a friend named Sally. We were together in many of the same classes, played violins together in the youth orchestra, and together loved horses. My horses were beloved Breyer models and in novels. Sally’s horses were two beautiful, gentle Arabian geldings. This generous friend shared her horses with me by taking me to training sessions in Ocala, FL and to horse shows in the South. Being surrounded by the living art of Arabian horses stoked a lifelong love in me for the breed.


Fast forward to 2015: I am now married to David with whom I have four children. During our marriage the connection with the land has grown from a four foot square “square foot garden” into a desire for self sustainable living. After ten moves in twenty years we have settled down on a small hobby farm near Kansas City, MO.  My love of horses brought a pony into the picture when my children were small and as they grew our herd of equine also grew! At the end of last year we had two ponies (“Sam I Am” and “Jitterbug”) and two horses (“Luna” and “Doc’s Sand Bar Dollar”).


Our mare Luna was showing her age (25+) so that my husband no longer felt comfortable riding her. We started looking for another adult sized horse. A beautiful black Arabian mare came to our attention, but she was 5 months pregnant! At first I didn’t even consider the possibility of taking on a foal as well as a new horse, so we kept looking. We looked up the meaning of her name: “Moniet Amira” means “Wise Princess”.  We looked up the care of pregnant mares and raising foals. We couldn’t look at any other horse, so we bought her and brought her home.


Now we are waiting for our foal to be born. The sire is “Ravenwood Qahstal” a rare black Al Khamsa Eygptian Arabian from Khysus Arabians. Susan Seago, his owner and experienced breeder, has been very helpful in multiple phone conversations about how to care for Amira during the last half of her pregnancy and how to be prepared for the arrival of our infant foal. The children are very excited as we check her each morning and night. It should be any day now…

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