KA Odysseus

Hello from the KA Odysseus family:


We are very excited that you are interested in breeding to our extraordinary stallion, and want to take this opportunity to tell you a little bit about our group – Stranger Creek Investments.


Jerad Cooper of Stranger Creek Ranch has gathered a set of investors who are horsemen first and investors second. By working together, we are able to help encourage new interest in the Arabian horse industry and promote breeding for the highest quality horses. We help to make showing and promoting affordable by dividing costs. We encourage the handling of and working with your own horse, along with family participation. We also provide all services for the investors that are not able to participate but enjoy watching, sharing in the excitement, and receiving help to make a profit with their equine investments. Our investment program encourages people to be involved in the Futurity Programs. These programs provide a way to stimulate the Arabian Horse Economy. These programs bring about higher sale values and cause breeders to try to produce the best horse, and thus, improve the breed. For those of us who are owner/partners, this has presented an extraordinary opportunity to work closely with the world class stallion, KA Odysseus,  and his offspring.


Each member of the group has a number of  ‘personal breedings’ available to them to use or tosell to their clients.  These personal breedings give us the chance to get to know and help grow the Odysseus family and take a personal role in the process of creating the next great generation  of Arabian horses.


The KA Odysseus Breeding Experience: KA Odysseus – A Horse for a Lifetime…
(Odyssey SC x Ellure A)


•    Top 10 Canadian Futurity Stallion
•    Top 10 Las Vegas World Cup Stallion
•    Region 10 Champion Breeders Sweepstakes Colt


Stud Fee: $2500.00




Breeders Sweepstake
Scottsdale Signature Stallion
Iowa Gold Star Stallion
Region 3 Silver Sire
Class A Junior Champion Colt Halter
Regional Champion Yearling Colt/Gelding Halter Sweepstakes
2007 Canadian National Top 10 Futurity Colt Halter


KA Odysseus continues “the odyssey” into the next generations with obvious genetic prepotency and quality.


KA Odysseus is the sire of Pallas Athyne CA, Top Ten in 3 year old fillies and Futurity fillies at both the US and Canadian Nationals.


KA Odysseus foals in 2013 placed:


Top Five in Scottsdale
Top Ten at Reg. 12 Spotlight
Top Ten at Reg. 11
Top Ten at the Iowa Gold Star
Top Ten at the MN Medallion Futurity
The foals were trained and shown by their amateur owners.


After the breeding has been sold, we will be available to answer any questions you may have up to the time you are ready to breed your mare and until you have your healthy foal.
We will work personally with you and Stranger Creek Ranch when breeding time arrives. Please call us about 2-weeks ahead of time so that we can work with Stranger Creek
Ranch to be ready for your  breeding and insure that your breeding goes as smoothly as we would like our own breedings to go. We hope you will keep us posted about the progress of your mare through her pregnancy.  After 60 days, we’d love to announce your upcoming foal on our web site! And, we absolutely want to know when your foal arrives – we love pictures and would be proud to post them on our web site!  We are also available help with the marketing of your foal. In other words, we want to make this the very best breeding experience you have ever had!


Program Incentives and Training:


Buying a personal breeding also gives you access to special halter training opportunities at Stranger Creek Ranch in Tonganoxie, Kansas. Jerad Cooper has reduced or free training
incentives for our clients who also agree to participate in Sweepstakes, US and Canadian Futurities and/or other halter futurity programs.  If you are interested in these specials, let us know and we’ll get all the information to you.


Please contact us with any requests for information or questions about purchasing a personal breeding to KA Odysseus.


David and Lena Misener
Beulah Arabians